Sunday, February 17, 2013

Update and Before/After Photos

Just wanted to give a quick update.  Now 8 months post surgery and absolutely no pain or complications.  Ashley loves her new posture and is so thankful this surgery is finally behind her.  She is looking forward to college and her future.

For comparison, Ashley wore a formal/party dress for her 16th birthday as well as a similar dress for Homecoming 2012.  And, she just happened to be crowned Homecoming Queen!  Couldn't resist...I'm her mom and extremely proud of her.  Check out the difference in the way dresses fit her.  Ashley has not lost a lot of weight since her 16th birthday, the difference is from her posture being straightened.  Dresses for some reason were always a nightmare to fit, but as you can see, not anymore.

Pre-Surgery, 16th birthday

She's not going to like this one (her bestie has just stuffed her mouth full of birthday cake)!
This is a good pic because it demonstrates how her chest was rounded down onto her stomach and her hips were pitched forward.  The kyphosis always made her look heavier because of the frontal compression.

Post surgery, November 2012, Homecoming Queen

Beautiful Posture

Homecoming Banquet

So, folks, that's the update for today.  She's doing fantastic and we give God all the praise and thanksgiving for gifting Dr. Hey with his superb surgical talents.

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