Friday, May 25, 2012


Six days and counting...(very deep sigh), so we thought this would be an appropriate time to introduce you to the man behind the scalpel, i.e. Ashley's surgeon, Dr. Lloyd Hey.

As eluded to in the original post, Dr. Hey has endured suffering of his own.  At the age of 16, Dr. Hey was involved in an accident and nearly lost his left leg and his life.  Through his very long recovery, Dr. Hey got to see the good and the bad side of health care. Dr. Hey's website tells the story best, and I encourage you to read his inspiring story.  For all you folks who have an inquisitive or mechanical mind and enjoy fixing things, you will especially enjoy this.

The following is a link to his background

To his philosophy:

And, here is a link to his Curriculum Vitae

And to top all this...he is a Christian.  Recently I came across an article on Faith In Practice, a blog from Triangle Christian Medical Fellowship.  The article was entitled, "Salt and Light.  A Personal Story of Prayer and Practice by Dr. Lloyd Hey.

We have prayed so much for God's guidance in choosing the surgeon he wants to operate on Ashley.  One day this week, I must confess I was having the most difficult time yet in this journey.  That same day, I found this article about Dr. Hey.  Coincidence folks...I think not, in fact, I don't believe in coincidence, but I do believe in God's divine intervention and direction.

When we saw Dr. Hey back on March 26th, he quizzed Ashley on whether she realized there was a woman in the Bible with kyphosis whom Jesus healed.  He told her to research it.  Sure enough, Luke 13:10-13 is exactly that.  We've read it and heard it so many times, but never associated it with this.

What the three of us have learned from this is that it's not God's will to heal Ashley of this deformity short of surgery.  However, God will still be the healer, in and through Dr. Hey.

Thank you God for your faithfulness and the hope and encouragement you provide us through the truth of Your Word.

Good night everyone.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for each of your prayers for Ashley Brooke.

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